Advanced understanding of the power of story

Do you want to know why stories exist? How they work? What gives one story power and leaves another flat? What you can do to understand and harness the power in your story ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

David Baboulene – “A Story Ninja” (Nick Wild – writer/director, ‘Talking with Angels’)

Dr. David Baboulene is a writer, film-maker, story consultant and Ph.D. academic of narrative theory whose ground-breaking research into how stories resonate with the human mind is changing the way story industries understand, develop and evaluate stories for investment.

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The Primary Colours of Story

Understanding the craft of story is essential for anybody who is serious about their writing career and the quality of their stories.

The Primary Colours of Story is a multi-media project involving books, films, seminars, on-line training and so forth, designed to help writers to understand the major dynamics that are a part of every fine story. This is no formula – these dynamics are inevitable and pervasive; based not on structural imperatives, but on human values and qualities – morality, knowledge gaps, character growth, cultural allusion, vicarious learning – and how they resonate with a human mind. Qualities that underpin everything that works. And it’s all media independent – book, radio play, film, theatre – it is all about understanding the story.

Writers (directors, producers, publishers…) can then apply this knowledge to understanding and harnessing the power in the development of their own story ideas . In this way, the writer retains ownership of their story, the story keeps its integrity and we in the audience get better, more compelling, more varied and beautifully crafted stories.

About David Baboulene

Dr. David Baboulene is a published author, self-published indie author, a Ph.D. academic of story theory and a story consultant for publishers, corporations, film production companies and private clients.

He is also the owner of The DreamEngine publishing house.

“Receiving a publishing deal was a dream turned reality. In my acknowledgement page is written: David Baboulene: I did it, and you are a heck of a teacher!”
Kerri Cuevas; author Deadly Kisses (2013).

David is one of the first highly qualified story consultants to also have published works of fiction and film deals for his own stories. (See the full list of published works here.) He has also studied stories back to pre-biblical and Greek times, classical literature as well as talking to huge names in story-telling of recent times, including Bob Gale (Back to the Future trilogy); Lee Child (20 million Jack Reacher novels sold); John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses; Just Good Friends; Citizen Smith); Willy Russell (Educating Rita, Blood Brothers, Shirley Valentine); Mark Williams (The Harry Potter films; 101 Dalmatians; Shakespeare in Love…) and many others.

“David Baboulene is truly a master when it comes to the science behind storytelling.”
Craig Hinde (Director).

In addition to dozens of story consultancy credits, David has written five books on the subject of story theory: The Story Book (2010); Story Theory (2014); and the upcoming three-volume masterwork The Primary Colours of Story (2018) — a ground-breaking new approach to understanding story. This project is the product of his life’s work in story. David’s doctoral research proved that the power of every story lies in how a story resonates with a human mind. Writers must work with knowledge gaps and subtext to trigger a psychological response. The Primary Colours of Story encapsulates his ground-breaking approach to narrative which is revolutionising the way stories are understood, evaluated and developed.

“We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of HALLO JOE to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production”



The Primary Colours of Story

7th April 2018 – London. The Big One-dayer! (SOLD OUT). This was filmed and will be available for online viewing SOON!

September 7th and 8th 2018. Two seminars at the amazing  London Screenwriters Festival.

December 8th-10th 2018. Winners Residential, Lake District, UK. To get on this, enter the pitch.

Previous speaking engagements and associations include: The Dialogue Society; The I Will Tell Film Festival; The Aegean Film Festival; Enter The Pitch film competition;; The International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN); columnist for Writers’ News and Writing Magazine.

The Primary Colours of Story

Why do stories exist? How do they work?

David discussing story theory with Bob Gale (Writer/Producer of Back to the Future)


What makes one so powerful you cry, and another so poor you can’t believe you gave up two hours of your life for it?


All the answers are in David Baboulene’s ground-breaking work on how to understand and harness the power in a story.

Apart from David’s own internationally published works, story consultancy and his formal academic research into stories back to pre-biblical times, David’s knowledge includes insights from story legends such as John Sullivan (Only Fools and Horses; Just Good Friends…); Mark Williams (actor in the Harry Potter series; Shakespeare in Love; 101 Dalmatians…);  Willy Russell (Shirley Valentine; Blood Brothers…); Lee Child (20 million Jack Reacher novels sold); not forgetting Bob Gale (writer/producer of the Back to the Future trilogy) and many others.

Have no doubt – David knows what gives a story the power to grip and engage a human mind. And what has taken him decades to put together, you can have in a single day.


7th April 2018. LONDON: Film Matters seminar for Enter the Pitch.

THIS IS THE BIG ONE DAYER!!! Do not miss this ONE opportunity to learn in a single day what David spent DECADES researching and writing about. Note that this event is being filmed for future broadcast.


September 7th and 8th 2018. Two seminars at the amazing  London Screenwriters Festival.

Previous speaking engagements and associations include:

The Dialogue Society (

The I Will Tell Film Festival (

The Aegean Film Festival (Sundance Partner)

Enter The Pitch film story competition (Enter The Pitch)

Inktip (

The International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN)

Writers’ News and Writing Magazine (Website)


David’s books have been published across the world and in languages as diverse as Korean, Chinese and Japanese. He has also had four film deals for his own stories, two in the UK and two in Hollywood.


The Story Book – Guidance for writers to story creation, optimisation, problem resolution and marketing (2010). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-2-3.


Story Theory – The psychological and linguistic foundations to how stories work (2014). Dreamengine Media Ltd.





The Primary Colours of Story (Due for publication in 2018). Comprising three volumes:

  • Book 1:  Academic story theory (a constructivist narratology);
  • Book 2:  Why stories exist. How stories work (For writers, publishers, directors, producers…)
  • Book 3:  Example film development from the seed of an idea to the silver screen.


Ocean Boulevard (2007). Summersdale Publishers. ISBN 978-1-84024-590-5.

Jumping Ships (2009). Summersdale Publishers. ISBN 978-1-84024-591-2.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS (Illustrated by Kelly Chapman)

Kepple the Kite (2008). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-0-9.

Oopsie – I Forgot! (2010). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-1-6.