A Personal Story

By | 12th February 2020

My journey began with two novels published in the early 2000s. Both were published by Summersdale and subsequently optioned by Bonsai Entertainment in Hollywood.  I also won the Euroscript Film Story Competition in 2001 for another story, and all the above led me to have to work with others – including a recognised ‘script doctor’ – on my stories. What these movie people did to my story made me firstly, hugely frustrated at how BAD they were in dealing with me as a creator and my story in itself, and secondly, utterly bedazzled by the mechanisms of story.  

Every Story Starts Somewhere…

I expressed my frustration to my publisher at the time who asked me, ‘What did you expect? What do writers want when someone else gets involved in their story?’

Wow. That got me thinking…

Fast forward some 20 years, nine books, five screenplays, a Ph.D. thesis in narrative theory and many, many commissions as a story consultant later, and I am at a proud junction on my Story journey. The culmination of all this story creation, industry work and formal research is published on my birthday – March 13th 2020, and I can’t tell you how proud I am. 

My approach to story is from a writer’s perspective (most story guru’s – surprise surprise – are not published or produced story creators) and that makes this book a genuine game-changer. I have moved the cutting edge of the world’s knowledge of how stories work. As with most great breakthroughs, the answers are ultimately pretty simple. Stories are about how language works the mind. Stories trigger the mental reflexes that make memories, and HOW you use language to make that happen is the secret to becoming a fine writer. A writer works with knowledge gaps so a receiver works with subtext. Subtext is the knowledge that goes into the gap. Understand that, and you understand story. Make it happen and you are a writer of compelling stories.

The Primary Colours of Story not only captures the theory it showcases an entire set of tools and methods for writers, directors, publishers, agents, actors – anyone at all who wants to know how stories work – to understand the power in their own story ideas.  

My publisher’s question was: ‘what did I expect? What did I want from someone else getting involved in my story?’ Well, this book is the answer. This book, delivering knowledge of how stories work (not a formula for how my story ‘should’ go). THIS book is what I wanted and it is with immense pride that I present it to you now and I hope it can help and inform you on your writer’s journey in ways that do not tell you how your story should go, but empower you to bring the best out of yourself.  

In recognition of your support for me in signing up and taking an interest, the eBook is exclusively available via Amazon with TWO-THIRDS OFF until publication day on March 13th. So go get yourself a bargain! 

I hope you love it and that it does you good and that it helps you to develop a story of immense quality. Once you’ve done that, call me. I’ll be your story consultant on the movie! 

Yours with a big warm heart!