April 7th 2018 – The Big Story Day

By | 12th February 2018

For those coming to my Big One Dayer in London on April 7th, here is what they got.

I’ve left this up here, because the day was filmed, so you too can have this wonderful material by watching the video HERE!

The Primary Colours of Story

  1. What is a story? Why do stories exist?
  2. The relationship between how the brain works and the power of a story.
  3. Knowledge gaps and subtext – the utterly critical secret weapon.
  4. Some film clips and story examples.
  5. Understanding story structure. How to use it and when to avoid it.
  6. Classical structure (Aristotle; Hollywood formula; Art house and anti-structure).
  7. The life blood of story – conflict and antagonism.
  8. Character and Plot
  9. The crowning glories: character growth, the moral argument, surpassing aims, vicarious learning and many more.
  10. The story world (genre, theme, comedy).
  11. Story Development – a professional working method.
  12.  Example: The Step Outline. (The development of Back to the Future).
  13. Story evaluation, analysis, problem resolution and optimisation.
  14. The salesman’s hat – selling yourself and your story.
  15. Q&A
  16. Beers over the road. 🙂

By the end of this day you will have extraordinary insight into how stories work and how YOU can make the most of your story ideas to make compelling stories that not only grip and engage an audience, but YOU will know how and why your story has that power.

Knowledge that took me decades can be yours in a single day!

I look forward to meeting you.