David’s books have been published across the world and in languages as diverse as Korean, Chinese and Japanese. He has also had four film deals for his own stories, two in the UK and two in Hollywood.


The Story Book – Guidance for writers to story creation, optimisation, problem resolution and marketing (2010). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-2-3.

Story Theory – The psychological and linguistic foundations to how stories work (2014). A fore-runner to The Primary Colours.  Dreamengine Media Ltd.

The Primary Colours of Story (Due for publication in 2019). This is David’s flagship book on story theory, his life’s work in book form.

Built on decades of personal experience of stories as a writer and story consultant, as well as his academic research into narrative theory, this book brings the advances he has made in the psychology and neuroscience of story theory to writers, directors, actors – all professionals working in story industries.

Story in Mind: A Constructivist Narratology (2019) is the published academic version of David’s Ph.D. thesis. His formal investigation into the communication relationship between an author and a receiver of a narration. Based on the neuroscience of memory and experience and they way this causes stories to exist, this work provably advances the world’s knowledge and understanding of story theory.


Ocean Boulevard (2007). Summersdale Publishers. ISBN 978-1-84024-590-5.

Jumping Ships (2009). Summersdale Publishers. ISBN 978-1-84024-591-2.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS (Illustrated by Kelly Chapman)

Kepple the Kite (2008). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-0-9.

Oopsie – I Forgot! (2010). DreamEngine Media Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9557089-1-6.