Film clips, short films and data

This page will make sense if you are searching to either 1) access clips whilst viewing a story seminar; 2) purchase access to the second section of story seminars; or 3) to download my data spreadsheet from my narratology case studies and content analysis. All are below.

  1. Clips for my seminars:  Frozen Trailer: CLICK HERE.

Back to the Future clip: CLICK HERE.

2. You have seen section 1 of The Primary Colours of Story, and now you wish to access the second half (Section 2),  addressing characters, conflict, character growth, the moral argument, the utterly critical role of storification and much more. It also includes more clips and short films, and a worked example of the full story development process. Click the button for access to the entire seminar for £30. Do not click away from the payment process!  It automatically redirects you to the second seminar.

Do not click away from the payment process! Follow it through to ensure you are directed to the correct page. Once you have the seminar, do please save the web page as a favourite so you can return at any time.

Thank you for your support. Any problems, do get in touch via the Contact page.

3. Data Spreadsheets. You are reading my PhD thesis or another academic publication and are looking for the data capture spreadsheet. Click on the link below to take you to a download page. It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

I hope you find it useful.